Humidity is steady climbing

Tent was staying around 75 got home today it was 81.Should I try to lower it.If so what do I have to do

Are you drawing air out with a fan and filter?

Being in veg, you’ll be fine. You’ll see a spike in humidity when the lights are off, and after watering.
I’m in flower, but you can see the spikes with the lights off, and on.

Some the little spikes with the lights on, are people showering, then cooking later in the day.

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I haven’t used it yet

Air exchange is important, especially if you’re trying to reduce humidity.

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They’ve been under light 24/7.Should I change it up their at 25 days.

I would go with 18/6, gives them a rest period and saves you energy.

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Thanks for replys I’ve got a lot to learn.I can’t believe how I’m enjoying this.It like getting another HD

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Turned on fan and filter she dropped to 64


It’s how you will control temp and humidity. What’s temp and rh now?

Sorry missed those other reply’s in my email. Sounds like you are on the right track with plenty of help.

Just checked again numbers still falling.Humidity 60%heat 75.


Sounds like you’re on the right track👍 Have u heard of VPD charts ? Look it up if you haven’t

Nope I’ll check it out


Nice thank you