Humidity in grow tent

From a fellow grower: Why is my humidity is so high it’s between 85 and 90? I leave my tent cracked and have a dehumidifier on the outside which is drawing a lot of water but do I need to put it on the inside of the tent?

Do you have an exhaust fan on the tent.


If you have an exhaust fan, is it set up correctly? Do you have it so it exhausts out of the tent? Are the sides of your tent sucked in or are the blown out? Fresh air intake ports open? Adequate amount of air exchange, that is tent’s volume exchanged 1 x per minute


Is this when light are on or off? Where is the replacement air coming from and what is the humidity where that air comes from?
What stage growth are the plants in?
Here is a chart to reference relating temps to humidity and what stage growth they are in.


Please suggest customer joins the forum. As you can see other members are all over this, plenty confident we can get it figured out.

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