Humidity gauge for inside jars

Does anyone ever use any type of humidity gauge inside their Jars? and if so any particular type, style?

Search miniature hygrometer on amazon and you will find different ones at a reasonable price. Hope this helps.

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I just use these mini hygrometers. You’ll want to test them and weed out the duds


I use the same as @Bobbydigital there. They work great. I only use mine for the first 2 or 3 weeks. Then remove them. If I didn’t do that. I would need to buy these things in bulk lol

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I’ve got about 30 of these now and every one of them has been accurate. No duds so far.

At first I thought, “Mine look just like the ones @Bobbydigital has.” But, then I thought about all the Chinese clones of the HLG lights… there’s probably 10 different companies making hygrometers that look the same.


Ok thank you all ordered these see how they are:

I have twenty and only one dud that wouldn’t read below 80%. The rest are within 2% of each other.

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I’m using the Boveda 62% packs, should I still consider using a mini hygrometer?

Yep. Those little Amazon deals and 62% humidity packs do the trick nicely.

Yes. Inexpensive peace of mind.

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I used the hygrometers in mason jar lids and love them. They show me precisely when it is time to seal up the buds in a jar without guesswork.
At 62% or less I vacuum seal the mason jar with a Bovida pack. I have also added oxygen removers (iron-oxide packs) to see if that is beneficial.

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what did you use to seal around the RH meter?

It was a bead of RTV or caulk. Smoothed it evenly around the opening in the lid. They have been reused many times. :slight_smile: