Humidity Domes help

I normally have a small Greenhouse that I set up in my house for when I start seeds in the spring. This year with moving, and our new house is not finished, i need to start them in trays with Humidity domes, I would normally start them with the regular smaller ones that are not as high, as soon as they sprout., I pull the dome off and leave them in the greenhouse, it still gets humid enough in there for them.
I am having trouble finding the Taller humidity domes, any help as to were I can find them?
I am going to have to use that as my Greenhouse this year.
Thanks for any help.
I tried to grow on my new property last year, and since we didnt live here yet it was a total bust, but this year im hoping for a better outcome!

have you tried amazon @Larry815 ?

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I did, unless I was looking it up wrong, I found only a 5 pack for like $40. This has to be to much money? You can get the regular size ones at a home improvement store for less than $2

two liter bottles with bottom cut out?



Larry, I just posted in your other thread. It’s best to stay with your original thread. This way were not jumping all over and the Admin frown on it. ok ?


I will need more than that. I have tried that before, but the 2l bottle wont be enough for my use

i dont understand what you are asking? It is two different questions, with 2 different reasons for a post. So you are trying to tell me that Admin dont want you too have two active questions at the same time?


What we are saying is keep your questions in the same thread. It’s your thread and you can ask what ever question you want. Not all over the fourm. Just trying to keep it simple that’s all.


I’m a little confused about this myself. I’ve had multiple questions about lights, air filters, and fans. What is the point of having separate areas of interest if our questions should be kept in the same thread? If my query’s are about different subjects, was posting them in what looked like the appropriately named sections incorrect?