Humidity dome fungus

For humidity domes do I need to elevate my seed tray to keep the roots that are popping out the bottom away from the runoff water? My seedlings contracted some kind of fungus, not sure what caused it. After each use what is a good cleaning chemical to use on the dome? Thanks for the help I appreciate it.!

weed grow 3 seedlings-2|281x500

Yeah you shouldn’t have had any runoff water in there for them to sit in, should have watered them and dump any runoff. Their roots constantly sitting in water is what caused the problem. Bleach and dishsoap works for cleaning.

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Just what @Hellraiser said. Seen the same issue when I start 1000’s of veggies in the spring. You dont have to elevate the seedling tray. Water, wait a out 20 minutes and empty out any run off in the bottom tray so they ain’t sitting in water.


When the roots are coming out the bottom I think they are ready for transplant. Good strong roots you want them out of the humidity dome so they grow stronger faster.


Thanks @Hellraiser and @Bow4Buck. @CMichGrower Does it matter if only has its first set of true leaves? When I transplant them should I keep a little dome on top to keep the humidity high or are they over that stage?

I think they’ve been kept wet long enough, time to dry out and get some air, but I’m one that never domes. And those little starter trays aren’t meant to keep them in for long, yes I’d transplant.


You can leave a humidity dome on after transport, but I’d leave it off a few hours the first day, and increase the amount of time the dome is off each day for a week. After a week they should look like they are growing and a dome should no longer be needed.