Humidity & dehumidifier

This is so new & I had a thought & want to thoughts. The tent is only 2x2, humidity inside stays dt a/c, fans, ect. I have an essential oil diffuser that put out a good spray even on low. I understand I’d have to refill more but thoughts for one plant? Also if humidity gets too high w heat buildup, can I just open door a big and use a ox fan? I’m trying not to go broke here :blush:

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You picked the wrong hobby. :joy:

Honestly though, there are better ways to raise humidity. A big styrofoam cup full of water with a cloth or cleaning rag hanging out the top just a bit will raise your RH some. I’m sure others have helpful ideas too.

Personally, I took a page from @Hellraiser ’s book and stopped chasing numbers. My RH is usually between 30 and 50%. I don’t stress it being higher or lower as long as it’s not insanely high (60%+) in flowering - I live in a desert, it’s never 60% anyway.


@Graysin In closet not in a tent rh is around low 40’s thru winter. I’m just trying to get what I may need as I can so I’m going to just go w the flow now! Yes all my hobbies seem to be the expensive kind. Photography is by far the most expensive & I’m about to sell my big Nikon camera bc I just don’t use it. My Sony is much easier to handle. Music is also expensive. So of course, my new hobby will be expensive also. Still working on my outside food forest which has kept me broke in the Spring & Summers. I just need more money!! Thanks for the info as always!

Low 40s is pretty good for winter temps - RH is a tricky b**ch like that. But for veg, I think you’ll be golden between 40-70% and in flower anywhere between 30-50% is fine. It’s a broad range as long as you can manage the temperatures.

Do you have any method for air exchange in the closet?

I loved Nikons when I did SLR photography. Terrible at it, as I am with most art, but a seriously nice camera all the same.


Yes they’re definitely nice but once Sony came out w the mirrorless cameras I haven’t used my Nikon in ages. Just sitting in my bag. The mirrorless can’t be beat esp in regards to weight. I know pro’s who have gone completely mirrorless now. Even Nikon jumped into it a couple of yr ago. Mine is great, The lenses are what kills! I shoot for me, not others & have only done portraits of very close family. I hate that kind. I’m into abandoned places so I just try to stay out of trouble! I also upgraded my iPhone strictly for the camera bc it goes w me everywhere. I absolutely hate to post edit anything. I collect art so these are only ones of mine hanging. Next pic I post will be my plants! House lighting sux lol.