Humidity Cover for Seed Starting?

Hey gang. I’ve seen some say yes and some say no to this so looking for some clarification/thoughts.

To start seeds I soaked in 24 hours then put in soil. Until the sprouts come up is it okay to use a humidity cover? I’m trying to keep temp and humidity both at around 75. After they sprout I’m planning on removing the cover.


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I should mention without the cover I can keep temps ok but humidity drops to around 50%. I can solve this in the long run but for the small amount of space the seeds take I didn’t want to humidify my entire tent.

Yes absolutely in fact I keep my seedlings covered for a while afterwards until the root grows out the bottom, keep the temperature around 80 and the humidity above 60


Cool, thanks man. I always used one in the past but read somewhere here to not use one. Made me curious.

Checked out the Billerica grow store today. Small but lots of lighting and nute supplies. They were pretty cool guys. Was able to pick up a big bag of perlite. Hardware stores around me don’t have it this time of year it seems.

They gave me a small bottle of this and highly recommend it. I’ve never used it so gonna research a bit first.

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