Humidity Control

Greetings Fellow Growers,
Here’s more of my story. As I mentioned earlier, I have a greenhouse, (25’ X 50’). I have two rather large fans, (36”) for circulation and one large ventilation fan. I supplement those with three smaller pedestal fans. It was mentioned I should get a dehumidifier, but because of the size of my greenhouse, that would have to be quite large and really not practical. The moment my ventilation fan kicks on, the air would change and I would be right back where I started. My vent fan is controlled by a thermostat that I set around 80 degrees. The way I was advised to control the humidity was to heat the greenhouse during the colder months. Because I’m in the northeast, the months of September and October can be quite cold during the nighttime hours. That’s what mold and mildew likes, cold temperatures and high humidity. So I plan to install a pellet stove to help with the heat.
Also, I just bought seeds for a short season crop. I think that will go a long way, with the additional heat, to get me to a successful harvest. My first three harvests were pretty sad.
If anyone has any advice whatsoever, please post it. I could use all the information I can get.

I am a commercial greenhouse producer. You answered your own question. You cannot afford a dehumidifier for that size greenhouse. It is designed to use the fans as you described.

One option would be to build a smaller space in the greenhouse, and attempt to control that smaller environment. :smiley: