Humidity Control with Dehumidifier

So I put a dehumidifier in my grow tent. Tent is 48"x48"x80". Wanted to control humidity during dark time better. When it’s set at 55% it goes on and off automatically. However, when kicks in, humidity goes down but temp goes up to 80-83, then when humidity back to 55% it kicks off and temp goes down to 73 and humidity goes back up… is this an issue or will it be ok? Basically there is lots of fluctuations for temp and humidity frequently… is that bad for the ladies to have that frequent fluctuations?

Also, with out the dehumidifier in tent during lights on, tent stays 76-78 degrees and a pretty steady 53-56% humidity. Lights off without dehumidifier it gets to 65 degrees and 80% and higher humidity. Will know by this time tomorrow what conditions are with the dehumidifier during dark hours.

Im having the same issue now and looking for a control unit.