Humidity Control Small Indoor Grow

Hey guys, quick question. I’m having trouble keeping my RH in a good range. In my small 48"x48"X60" tent (just growing one auto, Zkittlez) my humidity is getting too high. I have a small hurricane fan running to exhaust and another small hurricane running to circulate fresh air in the environment, but with my humidifier on, my RH will get as high as 90-95. I’ve just sprouted into seedling 2 days ago or so, any help?

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Welcome to community, turn the humidifier off. My 3 stayed off for several weeks this winter. Keep it circulating and exhausting. That seedling should be under a dome at 2 days above ground :love_you_gesture:


Cool, I’ll give it a shot! Thanks bro


Anytime Grow Bro :love_you_gesture:

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After two days do I put it under regular lights and remove them from the dome?

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I keep them domed Until day 10-12. I mist them daily afterwards for a few days with a watering routine. Coco or soil? Makes a difference for watering frequency.

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Soil… Do you mist them with just water or some kind of vitamins?

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H2O only, :love_you_gesture:

Heyo! Listen to OG they have taught me a lot of what I know and has helped me get to where I am in my grow

In addition to keeping the dome on and misting with water only is to mist around the edge of the dome generally 2”-3” from the seedling and every few days when you go to mist again you slowly move that ring out, under the soil will be a strong widening root system getting to all nutrients in the soil and you’ll see some fast growth in the first 2-3 weeks of veg (that is my experience at least with a photo)