Humidity control ( how to increase )


got a humidity prob. in a 12x6x8 shed, lined with plastic ,using a coolmist pro plus a VICKS vaporizer and still my humidity is only 20% to 27% ,how do I increase humidity to 70% or better ?


Many times Vicks vaporizers can leave you hanging for more humidity
Once i bought one similar to this i didn’t have problems anymore

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May be a second Vicks will get you a little higher also. Btw, i would only use distilled or RO water in your humidifier if your tap water is above 200ppm, the salts from tap water, once run through a humidifier, will clog your charcoal filter over time


Yeah you need something for a large room. I am in a shed as well and having opposite problem my humidity is high. I got a dehumidifier to do 100 sq ft and the one I got is supposed to do up to 270sq ft. It is working but needs to be better


sorry - all - i saved this one — did first grow – 25ish percent H – even when outside was 80-90s last summer ----- pls inform me (again) - how Hum % affects final – total produce – THC —

btw - GRATS Massachusetts


Read this @hansenmv

You only need humidity higher when the plant is growing in size, not when it has stopped growing in size and producing flowers. You want a drier climate at that point to prevent mold and mildew


THANKS to all for the replies