Humidity Control for 2x4 Tent

I’m having problems with my humidity spiking to 60%. I’m 7 weeks in with autoflower. Growing in FF soil.

I put in an Inkbird dehumidifier and it doesn’t seem to be doing the trick. Anybody have experience with another dehumidifier that wouldn’t be overkill for a small tent but will bring the humidity down? It won’t be a problem in the summer, because we have a dehumidifier with our AC, but right now it’s bizarre! The RH in the house went from 35 to 60 overnight and I don’t want any mold issues.


If your intake and exhaust are running, they’ll be constantly pulling in fresh moist air. So that’s going to be constantly working against your dehumidifier. Really what you want is to lower the RH in the space where the tent is.

The humidity in my basement really spiked recently due to all the melting snow. My dehumidifier hadn’t ran in a couple months. It’s set to come on at 50%; the RH in my tent runs some 5-10 points lower depending on my fan speed.


Thanks! Good information. I was thinking along those lines. But really, I am wondering if there’s a better dehumidifier for my space. The tent is in a large bathroom on a platform built over the tub that nobody uses. (Separate shower - we’re not just running around stinky! LOL) So maybe I need to dehumidify the bathroom. Hmmmm…let me look for the right device. It’s really a function of the weather, as you mentioned. No snow melt right now, but lots of rain happening and not warm enough for the AC to kick in.

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Hey @CurrDogg420 - thanks so much for the advice. I was able to open the bathroom door, turn on the exaust fan, and get the humidity down a good 10 points!


Certainly not an expert in this area because where I live isn’t humid, but I know size of the dehumidifier is important and so is the placement in the tent. When I have a tent full of plants, I still use a dehumidifier even though the intake air isn’t humid… I have a fairly large one (about 3 feet tall but can’t remember the capacity) The filter side should also face the center of the tent.

Also agree with @CurrDogg420 that where your input air is coming from is important. If you choose to dehumidify the bathroom, you may need a larger dehumidifier…? Check the size and capacity of your dehumidifier.

Good luck. I hate trying to get environment correct… It changes so often (especially where I live)

Also be careful when watering not to overwater, or if you water to runoff, make sure to remove the runoff right away and also check it again in an hour or so and remove any water that ran off after you emptied.