Humidity and pruning questions

First off thanks for all help so far.Old man never grown indoors. When do you think I should put in bigger pots? How long do I have to keep humanity up? Afraid of getting mold. Do you think yellow tint is a problem? I was thinking it is the LEDs


Nice plants, I wait until they show roots poking out the bottom. they are forming their foundation roots.


I plant directly into my grow buckets. I don’t have complete control or feeling in my hands so I’ve lost plants transplanting. I don’t have a problem with having to buy more seeds as I have over 230 seeds, but I don’t like losing either.


If you have the room I would pot them up anytime you have the time.
As far as humidity levels and mold as long as you have great air exchange and movement you won’t need to worry about that until middle and late flowering.
The chart I’m posting is set for flower but it will work for all stages as long as you just move the “green zone” over to the left.
Seedlings .08-1.0
Vegetative stage 1.0-1.2
Flower 1.2-1.6
So using the chart with your current stage of grow you’ll want to be in the veg range of 1 - 1.2 and based on your picture with a 82F temp you’ll want to maintain RH at 68-74% or so with lights on.
When your lights are out check your temps and check the chart to see what RH is best then.

As you go into flower you’ll want to again adjust things based on the chart for flower.

The color of the plants may be showing the need for nitrogen maybe as the soil you have in the smaller pots is running out of nutrients.

Hope this helps


@jcasey, I am set to watching and coming along, if you don’t mind

That’s good. I need all the help I can get. Never grown indoors. Had pretty good luck just throwing seeds out and watching them go.

Yeah, I was a guerilla grower myself. I’m just in the process of setting up my first tent. Hope to start putting it together this weekend

I have 2 posts if you want to check them out. First Indoor Tent Set Up and Trying this indoor growing thing

Any ideas on the yellow around the edges of the leaves ? Seems to get setter thru the day. I have raised the light a few inches. What about water? PH is about 6.5. I haven’t watered a lot but to me the soil feels moist. All help appreciated