Humidity and possible issues

Is 60% Humidity gonna be an issue during flowering with good airflow and ventilation?

Nah, I’m not a pro but 60% doesn’t seem too severe. As large leaves yellow and drop off there will be less perspiration therefore your humidity should go down as she builds more bud and less leaf.


For the first 3-4 weeks no 60% humidity will be fine and won’t harm them as long as you have proper ventilation and airflow. Any thing past 6 weeks I would not advise having 60% humidity and I say 6 weeks because 4-6weeks are there primal weeks for getting mold and mildew if moisture is to high

You can use this chart to help find where humidity for flower and all other stages of growing should be, hope it helps

Happy growings my friend good luck


@rjw71 @Majiktoker thanks. Thinking im gonna purchase a decent dehumidifier with humidistat to keep it just right. Can’t see spending time only to be foiled by mold or any other humidity related issues specially since it can be controlled with $ and lil effort. Stay growing my friends…

Always keep us posted have a great day :smile:

Will do. I have time before the flower starts but getting my info and area ready… been interesting being my first grow.

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Welcome to ilgm if you haven’t been welcomed, now finding out this is your first grow is there any thing else I can do to help

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@Majiktoker thanks I appreciate that. At the moment I have no questions, but very sure I will have more questions very soon…lol have had couple others help greatly already.

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Right now I have an auto silver bullet at 18days old, 74-77degrees 55-60% humidity during light, 62-65 degrees 65-70% humidity during dark. Doing 18/6 light schedule. Soil grow. 1000watt LED. And I have a random bag seed in same enclosure but mainly it’s under 2-150watt cfls at moment.

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I meant to say if you haven’t been welcomed, any ways you caught where I was going with that, and any time.

@Majiktoker the top pic is the auto, bottom the random

Are you feeding the auto or how often is she watered? She looks like she’s went through a little problem herself lol and the bottom looks like a kush of some sort, nice job

Had the light to close for the first to weeks, had at 10-12" above. Has been at 20" above for a week now and the auto is loving it much better.

Ahh that’s why she looks like she does, well she still looks good :smile: