Humidity and fan questions

Hello hope everybody is doing well. The more and more my ladies are going into flower the more my humidity goes up in my tent. I have a 2×3 tent with a clip on fan blowing air in the bottom and a clip-on fan pulling air out of the top. So I’m trying to bring down the humidity and possibly the heat a couple degrees. My question is would it be better to get a fan to pull the air out or get a fan push air in the tent. Second part of the question is can anybody recommend a good cheap quiet exhaust fan? Thank you very much for your time and feedback I do appreciate it

Ive got a vivosun 4 inch for my tent. Its 2.5 x 3 x 7
Works for me so far. I have had 1 harvest with it. I have an exhaust fan and an intake fan

I put myself through some unnecessary troubles using two fans. One problem was I was moving so much air THROUGH the tent, it was drying my plants out. Another problem I had is heat. Sounds opposite from you, but I think you might consider this… If your tent’s too cold it needs heat blown in. If too hot you want to draw heat out. I’d suggest since you’re too hot and humid, you set one fan to suck the hot air out. Leave a vent open at the bottom to allow air in. It’ll be fresh and circulate on it’s way up. You’ll need a fan inside just to move the air still but you won’t be running air through the tent like a two fan setup would and you should be able to pull the hot air out and control humidity without too much effort. I’m doing opposite since it’s cold where I’m at. I’m pushing warm air into my tent and venting it out the top with a fan inside stirring it. My grow has really improved since I dropped a fan. Temps and humidity are much easier to deal with.

This would be where I would start the first one is a complete exhaust system with filter and flex vent pipe the second one is great for a intake fan last is small filter for these to block the light for nighttime