Humidity advice


From a fellow grower:

The biggest problem is get the humidity high enough I have a ultra sonic humidifer and it still will not reach higher tan 33% 4 water pots open . temp between 77.5 -74.9
use a fan and a heater 1/2 enclosed . any thoughts thank you for all the input u have provided .


33% RH is a bit low but, your plants will adapt. Using hydro style grow systems will keep the RH at the highest % you will most like be able to achieve.

DWC bubblers make it easy to keep RH at or above 40%. Happy growing


I feel your pains! Rh in the house is only 16% and runs the same in the grow room without a humidifier. I tried a single humidifier and that got me up to 35%. Now I am running 1 warm mist humidifier and 1 ultrasonic humidifier. With these 2 combined I can stay between 45% to 55% depending on if I just watered or not.
Look at it this way, your low humidity will be a huge plus when it comes to flowering!