Humidifiers and carbon filters

Just a quick reminder to everyone running humidifiers inside their grow area and venting out through a carbon air filter, make sure you have a prefilter over the carbon filter and check to make sure it is clean periodically.
This is doubly true if you are running tapwater in the humidifier. The minerals from your tapwater will build up on the filter and need to be cleaned off from time to time. The harder your water the more often it needs to be checked. This is also why you should always use a prefilter that slips over the carbon filter itself.
Thought I would share this tidbit with everyone, it isn’t something you would always think about :slightly_smiling:


Good advice; And, if you install a reverse-osmosis water filtration unit; You won’t have to worry about mineral build up.

Once you have RO water; You will have an easier time keeping PH in check. Peace :slight_smile:


Thats my next big purchase lol. So far I have e been getting by running down to Walmart and filling 5 gallon containers, but the plants are getting bigger and bigger. Up to watering 2 of them in coco 3 times a day now.

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I run both sonic and warm mist humidifiers and you are 100% correct about the build up of minerals on the heating element. I take mine apart twice a month to remove the mineral deposits. On the sonic humidifier there isn’t a buildup of minerals on it, it vibrates them into the air with the mist. You do run into bacteria building up on the disc though in the sonic humidifier. I clean that one weekly and run hydrogen peroxide in it occasionally as well. Just a couple of squirts in with the 1.5 gallon reservoir.