Humidifier Suggestions?


I just started up and got me a 3x3x7 tent. I live in the PNW and thought I would be needing to reduce humidity but turns out I am running fairly constant 40. I am afraid as the cold air moves in I may be dropping even lower than that this winter. Now I know I can get an inkbird humidity controller but was wondering if any of you know of a cheaper solution that can do the following:
-Measure humidity and keep me at about 60 (turning on and off as needed automatically)
-Smallish and the well only needs to be able to keep running full bore for 24hrs
-preferably no LED’s or Lights of any type that could mess with my dark periods.

Appreciate your input/experience/suggestions/time!

Any cheap evaporative humidifier should do the trick. They can’t be precisely controlled, but the level of control they offer is close enough.

Ultrasonic or “cool mist” humidifiers are worthless. They leave a mineral film all over everything since they aerosolise the water and and also everything contained in the water. Unless you can afford to run distilled in a “cool mist” ultrasonic humidifier, don’t bother.

Honeywell makes a good filter (wicking) based humidifier that you can get from Amazon for $35 that would be great for your size tent.

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Agree with @FlxerPower about the cool mist.
However we have RO filtered water and it leaves no residue for us.
We have a honeywell in our bathroom we run tap water in. It works great too.
The long tube on this unit keeps larger particles from escaping.
Ran it for 6 weeks of veg non stop with no problems.
Here it is… The night light feature is easy to just turn off.

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The reviews sound very good… I have an inkbird… But was thinking of getting one of these for another tent.

Had this Ionmax ION612 for two years no problems, works great.

And this for a Humidifier Ionmax ION90

Welcome back!

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Thanks mate :slight_smile:

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