Humidifier questions

do i need to put on balanced water in my humidifier or can it be tap water or does it need to be distilled?


myself i use tap,but you can get element build up.scale
i do not worry much about it unless you have super expensive commercial humidifier or something like that…

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I just buy a new one and for the first use I put distilled water, next will be tap water because I don’t really care about the product (I have 4 years warranty :joy:)

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The answer to your question is this
You can use tap water the higher the mineral content is in water will depend in how often your replacing filters and servicing your humidifier
What type of humidifier do you have ??
Distilled water will prevent the mineral deposits but can get expensive you working with a tent ir room ?
They sell products to help if using tap water

Hope this helps happy growing :v:CB :cowboy_hat_face:


what is the best humidity for indoor grow tent set up to grow healthy plant and have minimal issues with mildew or bugs

This is the hard numbers but you can adjust them a little. :wink::ok_hand: