Humidifier put pools in m tent

So I out a humidifier in tent n it plump buds up beautiful by water weight anyhow do I keep the humidifier on when exhaust is off cause that cause pools in tent n went up to 87% no no no . so back to 50 now but like the results anyone can help

If in flower u want 50 or less rh so u dont create bud rot. High humidity in flower is bad. Will get u wpm forming iff too high of rh and heat


Better off at 50RH in flowering, 87RH is pretty much guaranteed bud rot.

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Luckily I hit 87 only for a day but humidity has BIM between 28+50 but usually hits low humidity but I appreciate the info truly Iā€™m bout to chop in few days @Hellraiser @Mark0427

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