Humidifier in small grow tent

Hello I have a small tent 36 x 20 x 63 and I have a humidifier in it. I have it on a timer to come on several time through out the day. I wasn’t getting humidity above 30 percent that way so was hoping I can get some guidance. Can you leave it running all day? I dk t want the moisture to mess up the electrical devices inside. Would adding a second one on a timer helost maybe? Well thanks guys for all the help.

They have their own settings and are intended to stay on. Will probably have to be refilled a lot.
Make sure to use a gauge to see where the humidity gets to and adjust the humidifier accordingly.

For what it is worth, and keep in mind this is coming from someone doing their very first grow, and in a 3x4 grow tent:

I live in a “semi arid” place with rh around 7%. (Which I don’t know how low you have to get to get the “arid” placing but that is pretty darn low). I have kept a small humidifier going nonstop and it was struggle to keep the rh in 40-50% range. I finally bought a bit larger one and kept it on low ,and that has meant only filling morning and night.

Then last week we went for a week with no AC. The tent got to 85 degrees and there was just not much we could to do drop the temps, no matter what. Scary for me as I had just flipped them. AC did get fixed Monday. Anyways, all of a sudden I had condensation all over the tent floor. And the silly hygrometer, which must not work well and I am on the lookout for another one, still only told me 40% rh in tent. Read that the increased heat caused the condensation. No humidifier running for last 24 hours, tent says 47% this morning. Trusting that for now until I can get my lazy ass to Lowe’s to check out a new one. And they are flowering so I would rather it be a tad low than high and worry about mold, and is that even a worry when we are so dry here it sucks the moisture out of your eyeballs.

Not sure if this is of any help at all but this is what I have wrestled with since I planted these first part of May.


I just placed a second one I. There I. Hopes to bring it up. My concern is will all that moisture mess up any electrical devices. Such as the lights lol.

I recommend placing outside of the tent.

Ahh and keeping the room humid. That is not going to be possible in my situation. I dk t have a room I can put the tent in and close the door.

Wherever you access the room from, install it at the entry. You’ll want humidify the space it draws air from.

i just got a humidifier in to try to get me to the 60-70% range.
I put it in the tent just now, should i remove it and humidify the room instead?

I would put it in the room.

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Buy a small one with its own digital humidastat

I never thought of that. Great idea and will do. Our entire house could use a humidifier. The only upside of a dry climate is that you can get in the shade and cool off no matter the temps. :- :rofl:

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So I took the humidifier out and put it in the room the tent is in. The tent is in a dedicated bedroom. It still wouldn’t bring the humidity up past 40% so I added a second one. I’m just worried it’s going to create a mold issue in that room?

think i paid 30$ from menards