Humidifier in drying tent?

Hey Guys,

Just wondering what kind of humidifier I would put in my drying tent, cold mist or warm mist and should I even put it in the tent or not?

About to harvest in a week or 2 and want to be ready.

Thank you


I would not put a humidifier in the drying tent. I would allow them to dry whatever the RH is in the room. Depending on your region you might need to use a dehumidifier. @Smokey187

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u only need a humidifier if the dry tent is below 30% RH,
30% is not ideal, but the troubles with humidifying to get to 45-50% ain’t worth it.!!

this might be a sore subject, but…
if u use the old school dry methods u will be okay down to 30% RH.!

r u below 30.?

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I would put the humidifier outside the drying tent or pipe it in a lower vent. I would not recommend drying at 30 RH because the longer they hang before jarring the better IMO :v::bear:

Definitly do not put a humidifier in drying room or tent
If anything raising humidity in space tent is located in would be best as @MattyBear mentioned

To much humidity can result in mold
So I would only allow the air to be pulled threw drying space myself

I agree 30% is not ideal but you can dry them in that if needed
just watch they don’t dry out to much before jarring also as mentioned low and slow is always best


Thanks for responding.
I wand thinking of getting a digital humidifier but I will pipe it in a lower vent, that sounds like a good idea. If I am going to use a humidifier would it be warm mist or cool mist?

I recommend evaporative type humidifiers myself
Something like this one
And again just get one large enough to do space drying tent is set up in

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unless u r below 30% RH, then it is dependent on your environment, hot or cold.??

How long does photos take?:blowfish:

That depends on the strain but a general rule is 12-16 weeks indoors @irma1010

My RH is 28%.
If I put a humidifier outside my tent to raise humidity, can I place a dehumidifier with a digital setting inside the tent to lock it at 63%???

If not, I need help understanding why this isn’t a great idea for low RH problems?

Welcome to ILGM forum. First, keep in mind that most dehumidifiers will produce heat. If you have room in tent for a dehumidifier, why not put humidifier in tent with a inkbird humidity controller. This will then turn humidifier on when RH drops below whatever you set it to.

I leave the plants alone for like 3 days after i start the drying, as they tend to give off alot of moisture imo in the first couple days. Then once i see the RH headed south ill add the humidifier in. Keep space, dont let air or the humidifier hit the plants directly. Air flow is key. Just not to much. You dont wanna dry your harvest to soon. I personally aim 10-14 day dying. Around 60 RH. Slow dry/ slow cure is def worth all that wait.

For top level terpene preservation you want to stay as close to 60% rh as possible. 30% is far far far too low if you want to maximize flavor. Unfortunately most people dry their harvest fast (couple days) in anticipation of smoking their new batch but if quality is your main focus remember this rule of thumb “60⁰ with 60%rh for 16 days”. Using a humidifier is a must after the first day or 2 if you plan on maintaining an optimal curing environment, depending on current weather conditions in your area. Many growers spend months of time and thousands of dollars to grow top grade flower, then throw it all away by not realizing SLOW DRYING is the ONLY way to produce quality, just not too slow or then mold becomes a concern. “60⁰ with 60RH for 16 days”


This is a great solution for low RH, the only issue with DH in the tent will be elevated heat. Staying between 60-70⁰ is critical. If you can maintain those temps while running your DH then you have a perfect drying room.

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