Humidifier for tent

Bought 1 but not doing the job.Any recommendations

What is your tent size, your humidifier model, and how much are you venting your tent?

5×5 -Honeywell hwm845-4" inline drawing out 2 fans inside

Gotta control exhaust to keep humidity

Gotta control heat to control exhaust

It’s a vicious cycle


I use a Honeywell HCM-6009 in my 5x5. Works like a champ and won’t leave white dust in your tent like the ultrasonic ones do. It puts out a whole lot more moisture than the HWM845.

I’ll work on that

I’ll try the little one I have in the smaller tent.I’ll see into the 6009

5 gal bucket of water, “Works when the lights are on and not so much when lights are off”

I have used this essential oil diffuser with water in it for 5 years

It’s plugged into a controller. I set the humidity and it comes on at the desired rh. Cost 15 at Walmart.

I’m new to growing.I would love to be able to control the humidity.Please explain the controller

A controller has a plug-in or two and are adjustable by either temp or rh. The controller monitors them and when it reaches your setting the controller powers the plug-in. That way your heater or humidifier don’t run constantly. Here’s the one I bought
Best money I’ve spent growing. I hate not having control and this let’s it operate within my specs without me having to check the tent 40x a day. Now I only have to go 1-2x, tho I still go look at them 40x a day anyway lol. It’s peace of mind.


I actually use two of them. I have a humidifier and small space heater on one for the winter and another with two exhaust fans to pull extra hot air out in the summer

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I had better luck putting a humidifier in the room my tent (or, Frigidank™) is in, rather than putting it directly in the grow space. In the tent, the humidity is all just getting sucked right into the exhaust. If you put it outside, it’ll humidify the room, and the air supply for your tent. Even different positions within the room seem to change it a little. It’s tough in dry, winter weather.


True. I should have specified that. I run my one exhaust off but comes on in bursts to keep it from getting high rh rather than max exhaust and max humidifier. I have them balanced out since they are in the space and not my lung room. I also use damprid to dehumidify if need be. No electronics there.

Thank you very much

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Started working on exhaust made a big change.Humidity went up.Now it’s a balancing act with the heat.Going to write down ur info on this and tape it to the tents

Almost forgot got any recommendations for a speed controler for the 4" exhaust

I run mine full blast when it’s needed. 8” exhaust on a temperature control like random randy post up above


I use this, it doesn’t control speed or humidity like some of the others, I just wanted temperature controlled

Great unfo