Humidifier challenge

Can someone find me a humidifier that turns on with the power? Everyone I have used requires manual activation after power is restored.
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Make your own.

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That makes my head hurt lol but thanks!
The reason is that when the lights turn off the humidity goes up and I would like to turn off the humidifier when the lights are off, then back on again when they are on.

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you could try a Bucket with water and a air stone in it, The air pump would come on and off with the power,
I don’t think it will add a lot but may help out with little work or money.
I hope you find your answer. Good luck.

Just go to home depot and get a digital power strip with a programmable timer thats how I run my lights

@Countryboyjvd1971 might have some suggestions for you… :wink:
I don’t use a humidifier or a dehumidifier… :wink:
I do understand what your explaining though , I had an ac unit that was like that … key word (had)… :wink:
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The timer doesn’t turn on the humidifier, that is my problem.

@Fever what’s the problem
Most of your digital controled humidifiers don’t have what’s called memory if the loose power they will power back up in the off position
Why can’t you plug the dehumidifier into a separate outlet then the one the timer controls and leave it powered up or did I miss something here ?

1.its a humidifier not a dehumidifier
2. What device should I buy so I can turn the humidifier on and off on a schedule?

Am I not explaining myself clearly? Lol

Why wouldn’t it, the timer is built into the power switch with programmable settings to the times you want with an on setting (you manually turn it on and off) than there is an off setting lights will be permanently off and wont come on until the setting is flipped, or there is an auto setting that shuts things off at the times you want it off and comes on when its ready.

That is why I recommended something like this. I use one and its very easy and convienant to use especially when,you dont have time in the am or pm to get your lights its all done automatically by programming your on off light times in the power switch this will help with your problem…at most you’ll spend 20-25$ for it. Also programmable for every day of the week

You stated it clear enocleayou didnt comprehend what I said

Ok I must understood @Fever
Humidifiers also will go back to a off mode after being powered down
You can’t set the humidity level and just leave it be ? That’s how mine works
You may need to go find on that’s on/off no digital controls in it to make that happen

I set humidity to 60% then the lights go off and it goes to 80%

Program the times to run for about 6 of the 12 hours of night its simple lol than the dehumidifier runs for 6 hours and off for the other 6 hours

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are you say the humidity in room goes to 80 or the controller goes to 80 when lights go off @Fever

Maybe a cheap humidifier is not the option and I should get one that I can set the percentage?

Room gets to 80%

Are you turning off your fans with the lights ?

I had the same problem with high humidity when the lights went out. I had it on the same grow timer like others suggested. But then I realized that my outtake fan also went off with my lights and that’s what caused the high humidity. Just make sure that your outtake fan stays on after it’s lights out and you’ll see your humidity stay stable.


No my outtake fan is running but the lights reduce rh. Turn lights off and rh goes up

So your humidifier still runs even when the lights go out?