Humic / Fulvic acid what are you using?

With this hobby comes some seriously mind boggling side effects. Not from the fruits of our
labor and the green candies our plants produce, but with the variety of options out there and
the rabbit hole it can lead you down once you start reading about hydroponics, chemical fertz.
organic fertz, coco coir, organic soil etc etc.

I bought myself some amendments to go along with my FFOF soil. I needed a way to
recharge the nutrients after a grow. Looked into Hardwood ash, RealGrowers Recharge, Dolomite, Bloodmeal, Bat and seabird poo, Worm castings and HOLY GUANO they all ended up at my doorstep. (we ALL know how that goes).

So to round off my reading and fully set myself to jumping into the organic soil side of this
hobby, humic and fulvic acid is the last piece to my puzzle. I’ve read two or three articles
saying humic and fulvic acid isn’t needed and can harm cannabis plants but 25 articles from
independent growers that swear by it. I’m familiar with Mycho Chum as I’ve used it for my
mycos fungus as a feeder, but there is a step beyond that where it’s beneficial to the biome
of the soil itself.

I’ve used Simple Garden Solutions: Soil Hume previously and my plants seemed to
love it. They greened up, perked up and I just keep watering and feeding like normal. But is there something out there that is specifically designed for cannabis? Am I missing something
important that goes hand in hand with organic soil and the acid combo?

(FYI Humic acid also neutralizes Chloramines and Chlorine in municipal water. I didn’t know
that until diving into this rabbit hole)

So as a noob and someone looking to get the best product I can to improve my chances at a
headache free grow, what are some of the Humic / Fulvic acid treatments are YOU growers
using and what kind of response have you gotten from it?

I use Urb, but I use it sparingly. Urb dramatically increases nutrient uptake and I have gotten nute burn when I first started using it.

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Most synthetic nutrient lines offer some form of humic and fulvic acid. Not sure if using that would still fall under ‘organic’.

If you are interested in living soil there are a few growers here that use it. @Mrcrabs? Anyone you could suggest besides yourself?


I’m still a little ways out from putting everything together so no need to rush or become sidetracked from your current projects. I’m putting together my base soil first. Using FF HF & FF OF for my base.
I’ve begun to add bloodmeal, hardwood ash, bat poo, dolomite and coffee grinds to a tote of FFOF. Waiting on seabird guano, bonemeal, granite dust and FFHF to get here.

Also ordered Recharge from RealGrowers for a biome booster. Puts 11 different colonies of microbes into the soil. Then I need to let it sit for a spell to balance out.

To soil I add Humic Bliss from Plantonix. It is 50% soluble humic acid. Frankly, I did not pay close enough attention and missed the Fulvic side. I thought if one is in there, the other has to be.
I also supplement with Advanced Nutrients Ancient Earth. It says it has long and short chain humates.
I had been using Root Hume from Simple Grow Solutions. It is 8% Humic & 4% Fulvic acids.

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Keep it simple… the less the better… @Myfriendis410


@Skydiver posted this tidbit:


This is awfully familiar with a few articles I’ve read too. Although this didn’t use the $10 scientific words that other articles used, it’s better understood in layman’s terms when explained like your post. I sincerely appreciated this response. Easy to absorb and understand without needing a botany degree.

Wait, you don’t have a Botany degree but understood it?

I must be stupid then!

Yeah, some articles leave me wishing I knew Latin!

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The article you posted above was the most straightforward and to the point write up of this subject matter that I’ve seen. The other articles leave me switching tabs to translate words I couldn’t spell if my life depended on it.

If botany was close to history in comparison, I’d be able to read those nerdy articles without breaking a sweat. However, the only thing history and botany have in common is Botany was discovered at some point in history. That’s the limit of my crossover experience.

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I can’t tell you definitively if fulvic / humic is better or worse but i give 1 ml of mr fulvic with a 3/4 dose of Nftg liquid organic nutes since fulvic increases uptake by roughly 1.5x and this is the difference between my 1st grow and my 2nd grow with that being pretty much the main differing factor ( I personally think it’s awesome)


Oh and here is the link to the mr fulvic study that supports increased uptake( though I think it was for hydroponic)


Good one!