Humdity issues drying stage

With the current weather the humidity has spiked in my tent thats currently drying my recent grow. Will i need to throw away my grow with the humidity creeping up on 70% the last few days? Ive ordered a dehumidifier that will be here in 3 days. Im just afraid im going to lose my plants due to humidity. Plants are drying in a 4x4 tent that has 2 oscillating fans moving air below the plants not directly on the plants.


You’ll be fine as long as air is circulating which you state is.


Set dehumidifier for 60% , keep those fans running, should be fine until dehumidifier arrives :+1:


You will be ok, not every dry and cure is under perfect conditions, just keep fans going and it would be a good idea to have an exhaust fan sucking some out from the top at least till the dehumidifier arrives

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Yep still running the 6 inch ac inifinty with scrubber at a lower setting. Thanks