Humbolts Secret switch from bio bizz INFO

I have switched from the bio bizz line up and will be running the Humbolts Secret lineup with out the Tree trunk and flower shield. Anyone out there run Humbolts? Looking for some schedule advice because they have a big swing on their schedule and was hoping to dial it in a little more precise. Any help would be much appreciated. Info below

I feel like I’m being a little lazy but I’m only running one photo for this run and don’t want to run her to light and also don’t want to burn her out. And since I smoke what I grow I just want to make sure this grow doesn’t leave me without while I wait for another run.

I have a pretty good understanding of growing been at it for a few years. OnE LoVe

Soil- Tupur (coco)

Watering method- drain to waste

Ph 5.8 all veg, raising slowly to 6.1 by 3rd wk of flower

Lights- HLG QB288 v2 triple @3000k, 4 QB132 v2 @4000k

Room temps 78-85F

Plant. MSNL Jack Herer (fem)

  1. Golden tree
  2. Cal mag + iron
  3. Plant enzymes
  4. Base A
  5. Base B
  6. Flower Stacker
  7. Recharge 1x wk (I know amounts)
  8. Great white myco for transplant (I know amounts)
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Just did a quick search on the forum and have these two to tag regarding bio buzz.
Good luck with your grow!
@Se7en @MickyS

I am not running bio bizz anymore. I am running Humbolts Secret line. Thank you for the help tho

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