Humbolts cal mag?

I decided to pick up some nutes today, just wondering if all these go in conjunction with each other.
I picked up
Fox farm trio
Humbolts cal mag
AN Bud candy
AN rhino skin

My main question is when so I start to use calmag? And when do I stop? Will this cause nitrogen toxicity every other feed?

I’m guessing rhino/bud candy would be on week 4 of autoflower when I begin using?

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I used fox farms trio for a few grows, before I switched to Jacks 321. I no longer use CalMag

What I did was preventive maintenance and added 2.5ml to every gallon of water on my water only days using the fox farms schedule. I didn’t have any CalMag issues using this step.

When to start using it, depends on soil, typically. What soil are you in?

I have not used AN.

Happy growing!


I actually just put my spider farmer sf1000 tent kit together today. Still waiting for my seeds to land currently. So still some time to play with soil.

I planned on running happy frog on this first grow, since it is my first grow. I know not to give nutes to the plant until about week 4, which usually the plant will begin to show signs of deficiency.

I also planned on following the ff schedule, but I heard calmag is great when used as a preventive like you mentioned above! I will try using on water days only.

Just to clarify, I should be dosing nutes every other watering correct? So it should equal out to about once a week if my assumptions are correct.

I went out on a limb with the NA products since hydroworlds was running a 50% sale today. I have seen a lot of post in here about bud candy/Rhino skin so figured I would pick them up to play with them.

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Best advice I can give is to read the plant, for future reference, after week 3, is judge the color of the whole plant and leaves. Darker color meaning she is well feed, lighter means she is hungry, feed her. The thing we see most from nutes Is a aggressive feed schedule, and that can lead to nute burn, and money in the suppliers pocket.

I started off at 1/4 of the dose recommend in the trio schedule, and read my plants to adjust

You have done your diligence, I’d recommend catching up on my and many others mentor grow Hellraiser I’ll post his start guide.

Soil: You want to dive deep into nutes go happy frog by Fox farms, or let the soil do the work for the first 4 to 5 weeks go fox farms ocean forest.

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Thank you so much for taking time out of y’all’s day to answer the same questions is noobs ask time and time again.
I will def be tuning into these grows, and taking notes!

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