Humboldts Secret Questions For the Crowd

Hey all!
Anyone have any advice for for using the Humboldts Secret Lineup?
Also, should the Golden Tree of theirs smell like straight raw sewage…and look like it too?

Thank you!

I used the base A B last grow and did good for my little 2×2 tent

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That’s what I’ve got going on. I’m in a 2x2, 2 plants, might end up with one…we’ll see, in soil and 3gal pots.
What did you run and did you follow the schedule or adjust it?

I wouldn’t be surprised if it is supposed to smell that bad nectar for the gods have added peppermint extract to cover the smell and as an anti pest and you can still smell the gross stench
through it


Yeah I read up some more and was able to find people saying it stinks bad. Just mixed up a batch o water…turns out I won’t need it til tomorrow so now I have a gallon of sewage water chillin in the garage lol

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Yeah I just ran it like the chat says it did good but I have nothing to compare it to since that’s all I’ve grown with but it smells like sulfur lol

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