Humbled and honored first grow

Seeds- 4 Fast Amnesia - Seedsman
Soil - FF Happy Frog /30% Perlite
Germination tray- 6 slot x 1,1/2"
Water - Carbon filtered 6.5ph ppm 350
Indoor grow - 4x4x80 grow tent Vivosun
Lights - 2 x HGL 260 rspec (Mean Well HLG-240H-C2100A driver)
Temp - 80F (It’s hot as hell in the Midwest)
Humidity -60%rh (50hr cool mist humidifier)
Ventilation - 19" oscillating fan ,Vivosun 6" 390 cfm fan and carbon filter

Day 1
Soaked seeds in peroxide 30mins and then soaked in tap water for 24hrs
Day 2
placed in paper towel in tupperware bowl
Day 3
planted in germination tray ,water 6.5ph
Day 4
my girls are here


There names are
Number 1
and Yon


I don’t know what I’m doing so this is a ILGM team grow .I am humbled and honored to get any and all help you grace me with


a couple of people who have been helping me get setup @MrPeat, @Watt-Sun, @KeystoneCops , @Zee , @dbrn32 , @beardless .I hope you tag-along ,to keep me out of trouble.


Looks like you are off to a solid start :+1:. At this stage you don’t have to water much at all just keep them under a dome and mist the dome with water to keep the humidity up. Seedlings will pull their water from their leaves until they develop a root system. Set to watching :v:


We all started knowing zero. Sure I have been growing plants and what not for 40 years but only 2’years experience with marijuana. :+1:

If you saw my plants for the first 1 1/2 years to now you can see the experience and what you can do.


@Watt-Sun Yes they do look wet , the propagation trays I have Seal like Tupperware. I only water once and that was before planting. I took the dome off twice today. The vents on top are open ,but not helping

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@MrPeat you are always helpful glad you are tagging along

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@KoolHandLuke My phone net is poor as this town that isn’t a town is a dead zone for cell phone service. But I will be home on the 5th and my help level increases. Glad I can help and follow on your journey. :+1:


Just about ready to harvest my current plants but started my next round of seedlings about the same time as you. So far so good on your grow , good luck


@SKORPION good luck

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Welcome. I am new also. Never grown more than a few house plants so this is all new to me as well.
Check out Hellraiser grows Gorilla Glue and other stuff It’s very informative as well as the grow guides. Also you can check out my journal over at Golgi apparatus if you like. One thing that is always echoed is DON’T OVER WATER! Good luck and welcome!

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@Jackie_Daytona Thank you Jackie

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I think you’re getting excellent advice so far. Last time I looked I think it said 90+ for next 10 days? My ass will be floating around a pool in the burbs lol.


I want to be in a pool in the South Texas heat and no AC. Lucky you…:+1:

Almost 9pm with mosquitoes the size of a Dodge 2500 truck and feels like 97 and oh it does.


Day 5

Look at these girls stretch. that is over an inch last night. I thought they supposed to be making roots right now.

. They look so happy ,they are not going get water or misting


They are…you just don’t see it. The plant stalls in growing height means roots are being laid. :+1:

If they are going to grow like this ,I need to find a new way to dome these girls by Saturday. Some people’s seeds are still in water or in paper towels on Day 5.

Getting my soil ready ;

FF Ocean forest soil
1 cup of Worm Castings per bag of FF
1 cup of Dolomite lime per bag of FF
2 table spoons of Myco around transplanting area
I want to add Diatomaceous Earth to my soil ,but I can’t find a consensus on amount. Anyone on ILGM use the stuff

Oh 20% or less Perlite (I tried 30% and that looked like way too much Perlite)