Humble pie indoor

So I’m on my second grow , I’m using a 2x4tent 5 gallon fabric pot , 600watt Mars hydro light … happy frog / ocean trying to go Low and wide attempting to lS train any help is greatly appreciated😊… I also just purchased a AC infinity inline fan T4 with carbon filter and humid and temp control… seeds went in solo cup at end of nov. in pot end of Dec. This is what I have so far… help and comments appreciated .


Beautiful little girls i splitting seed tonight. At what node is those pistils

Thanks , Actually they are popping out all over

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Auto? Or photo, I assume auto.

Your hitting pre flower your about to stretch for w weeks so to help control it lower your light and make sure its turned to max.
Blast it with lots of light.
Stop LST as your gonna break branches soon and you want it to grow the colas up now.

Get ready for rapid growth!

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Totally second not leaving tied them when they want to stretch lol that’s dead center split in the middle where I topped, I had it tied down to a humidifier thinking since the humidifier won’t move it’s in a way tied down to help… I was wrong. Ya live and learn tho lol

? Don’t tie down till after the stretch once I flip to flwr

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What I started doing was just checking to see if the ends were starting to peel back like coming off or stressing too much so if you just watch them and re-adjust your ties every so often you’ll be good man, just don’t tie them to a humidifier like me, don’t be me lol

Actually they are not auto … is bag seed I got a lot of seeds from my last purchase ,

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Topped mine, but now not actually tying them just holding in place and checked daily , had a couple brown leaves, thought the light might be too close here’s a pic of the bad leaf… thanks everyone illl take all the help I can get …

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Oh man, is your lady still ok ?

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Hey buddy I think you forgot to add the pic in to the reply or it glitched on itself. If you could try posting it again?
Also I’m not sure if you’ve heard of lollipoping or however you spell whether it’s two p’s lol but if you wanted to try that going into flower you could do that.
I did it on my grow this time around and I liked it quite a bit.

So I did it the first day of flower, lollipopped them.
Then it progressed then in between the second and third week I defoliated a little bit on each plant just enough to where they have enough light getting through.

[I call this Root crack… lol](Great White PRPSGW04 100049823 4 oz Mycorrhizae, 4 Ounce

I started feeding this in during veg and I definitely seen results from last grow to this one.

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I meant to also ask how far you have the light from the plants? If you’re just running one 600w led in there just have it anywhere from 18-36inches apart, that’s how I usually do it, you can always readjust your light depending on how much they stretch. I just gotta see the pic first of the leaf lol

Lights were too low I think about 12 inches , brought them up today to about 18-20 inches gave it a good water this am … I’m a little shocked how much they grew 1st

pic was the bad leaf… had to look for it :joy: today my ph is pretty high 7.5-8 I think how can I lower it ?

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I’m gonna link that for you, that’s everything you’ll need to know on how to lower pH, raise it or adjust.

Also what Nutes are you using and are you adjusting your ph after you put your Nutes in your water? When you checked runoff was it 7.5-8? Did you get the ppm by chance? You could put calcium nitrate in and that’ll lower your pH in your soil too,

Also gonna drop these here for ya bro.
I’m just passing on knowledge that I come across and see as useful for people who first start off and don’t know where to find things I’m hoping any of this is helping ya

I’m not using nutes… I was thinking fox farm nutes but I’ve never really used any before also think I should get a net … thanks for the link much appreciated

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Sweet thanks bro :sunglasses:

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Also not sure if you were debating lollipoping them at all ?

Fox farm is good stuff, pretty easy. But with ph that far out of whack, your just pouring them down the drain. Gotta get ahold of that ph. Flush! Ph test your water and pour it to run off. May take a bit to correct.

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Got my ph pen today and a TDS pen, lights out tonight will test to run off in the am…also picked up some organic lime to bring down the ph … how do I know how much lime to add? Also should I dissolve in water first and then feed ? It says tap for every 4” of pot diameter is that correct ? Any ideas ? You guys are super helpful plants seem to be growing still now it’s touching 2 sides of the tent… anyone have a ac infinity fan ? Best way to set it up my tent is 2x4x5 … I know should’ve got a taller one :joy::joy:

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