Huge problem yellow spots on leaves!

Looks like I got a problem going on in my garden… happened within 2-3 days and still getting worse! I flushed twice and seems like it hasn’t help. I’m growing outdoor GG autos

What happened?

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Are you watering with rainwater/distilled/RO?


@Drinkslinger watered with rain water twice and once right before this happened other wise from the tap ph balance to 6.5-6.7

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@Life1 I have no clue I need some help

Looks like bug damage to me. Leaf hoppers maybe.


Looks like a few things.
Def some bug damage. I use neem as a preventative outdoors.
Maybe a little calcium deficiency as well
One leaf might be some showing pH Fluctuations.
Could also be some sunburn from water droplets.

I’d give a light feeding with a little extra calcium and pH it at 6.5. I’d also spray with neem. But first, Do you have runoff numbers?

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@Drinkslinger I’ve been using neem oil to keep up on the bugs and had a little slug problem but Not anymore and now this has started. I started seeing yellow on the tips of the leaves and on the plants so I started to flush them thinking I had Nute burned them. 2 days prior I had upped the nutes and so I thought it was that. Now I’m thinking it’s a fungus.

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I’ve been using neem oil

Plants were smelling really good before all this happened now they are smelling very odd and something is definitely not right

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Is there a problem with using rain water ??

I sure hope not.
Slatter i am new to grow also I put a little need seed meal in with my soil. Not sure if it helps or not. I think the leaves need to breathe.

I just checked the run off and it’s at 5.8

That’s too low.
Did you happen to measure the runoff ppm?

Not really if it’s collected properly. It does lack minerals, like calcium. Just like RO and Distilled.

I’m growing indoor autos and looks like the start of a calcium problem that mine started with but got waaay worse. My run off was 5.8. I was watering with 6.3-6.5 with cal mag but still got worse until I flushed with about 5 gallons and watered with 6.8 ph and cal mag the next couple waterings with nutes. The damage is done but not getting worse and my run off is 6.3 now. This is how it started and ended up


@CannaNewbie that is very encouraging I flush with about 6 gallons as well and just fed them but I haven’t used any calcium in my feeding. But when I did my soil I put a bunch of bone meal in the mix for calcium. I might have to go get some cal mag to see if it a calcium def.

I also heard it could be phosphorus but mine stopped getting worse after I did a flush with sledgehammer and got my run off ph alittle better and watered with slightly higher ph of 6.8. Maybe someone will jump in that’s more experienced with calcium and phosphorus deficiencies.


@OlyBoy98503 I’ve read on another post u said someone had a phosphorus deficiency that looked similar to the yellow spots on these plants. Any advice on these?


Based solely on the pictures, I’m lead to believe that her leaves are showing indications of potassium deficiency (blue circles) and calcium deficiency (red circle). [i don’t think the first picture tells me anything except some water with nutes splashed on some leaves and there’s another leaf that was touching the soil after a feeding.]

Are you using a bloom nute? I feed my flowering ladies a 1-34-32 fertilizer mix with each feeding. I believe most bloom nutes should be high in the K and the P.

For the calcium deficiency, I dry some rinsed off eggshells in a window for a few days, whizz them in my little coffee grinder, then I’ll just pour some onto the soil mix and rub it in to the dirt before feeding on feeding day. I do this when someone eats eggs, and when I remember to save the eggshells. When they were in veg, they’d get one watering each week with a just a little epson salt shaken up in their water.

Now that being said, I don’t use ph meters or runnoff or anything. I’m know that stuff is out there, but I just haven’t gotten into it. I probably should. I know there are sweet spots in ph where certain nutes get absorbed and some don’t. And sometimes stronger nutes will bully the smaller nutes and lock them out. I’m not sure what that’s about, but when I read about it, it usually makes sense to me.

I want to ask some growers that speak that language. @Zee @Hellraiser @PurpNGold74 @Cannabian @SweetsOnDeck @DankBank22 @AloysiusDevadanderAbercrombie @Bulldognuts @Enlightened420

Friends, what do the leaves in @CannaNewbie look like to you? Is there something in the ph and runoff numbers that might indicate something besides a possible K-deficiency and a Ca deficiency? Is something being locked out? Do you think there needs to be a change the ph numbers?

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Calcium absorption drops off dramatically by pH 5.8.
Bringing your pH up will help.
You can try foliar with calcium. I think extreme has a cal product for foliar.