Huge problem. Pretty sure I got sent auto's

ILGM support ticket.

What strain white widow, bubble gum

Method: Soil FFOF

Vessels:Fabric Pots

PH of Water: 6.3-6.7

PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution: 600


Light system: 2x 1500 watt bestva LED 280 actual wattage

Temps; Day: 84 Night: 78

Humidity; Day: 40 Night: 70

Ventilation system; Yes, 6 inch 442 CFM

AC, Humidifier, room is a/c controlled and have humidifier in tent

Co2; No

I’ve tried to take pictures but with such a cheap phone I cannot get it focused I tried for a bit lol. But I have had them on 18/6 light schedule they are 79 days old. I’ve done so much LST that the tallest one is only 13 inches tall.

Light is too close. Raise it some and they’ll stretch


Your plants look nice when you go to 12/12 light schedule your plants are going to explode triple in size. Good luck.

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The lights are about 23 inches about plant used to be 18 inches away. And I flipped them to a 12/12 lastnight

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I agree with @HornHead, especially with blurple lights. The excess blue wavelengths will keep them squat too.

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So in your opinion how far should I have these things away from plant?

You should be good right now. After the plants transition you can look to lower it back to about 18"


I’m still not certain what the question is for this thread… :exploding_head::upside_down_face::thinking::wink::v:


Just because they’re short, doesn’t make them autos. You’ve been training them to be short, right? What makes an auto an auto, is it will bloom whenever it wants, no matter what the photoperiod

With your day time temps being 84F, try to get that humidity up to least 65-70%, at least until bloom starts.

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When I grew WW for the first time she has a decent amount. I had others that never grew to what you have. One plant was just 5 grams. I learned the hard way before joining this forumZ

@blackthumbbetty the conversation got side tracked. But ive had then on an 18/6 schedule and when I was watering I had noticed a few little white hairs coming from the crotch of plant

One of my concerns about them being auto’s is people dont like topping them and and all that because it dont have very much time to grow…

You are seeing preflowering pistils which is absolutely normal when a female plant has reached sexual maturity. Photo period plants are ready to flip any time after you first the preflowering pistils.

My experience has been that pistils start showing when my plants are about one month old. I normally veg them for another three to four weeks before flipping to flower.


That is a sign you have females and that they are sexually mature. So; flipping to 12/12 was a good move. They are not autoflowering.


Lol… Sorry guys I got scared


That’s why you are on this forum, right? To learn and get validation. We’ve ALL been there.


Well thank you everyone :+1: love this place


Plants throw pistils to show sexual maturity. It’s not necessarily a sign that bloom has started. It just means your plant is ready to flip, whenever you’re ready.