Huge Humidity Problem

Hey guys, I have a couple girls in a basic 2x2x4 tent with inline fan with filter and ducting. There about 3 months old and I put them in a fox farm type live soil. I didn’t really catch on to PH’d water and good nutrients until about halfway through. All things considered I think there doing ok but growing very slowly. I’ve kept the temps between 62-70+ the entire grow. It’s pretty tough to hold a good temperature in New England this time of year. The humidity was in the 20-30’s when I started but it is typically between 10 and 20 recently. I tried putting a humidifier in the tent and strangely enough the humidity when down…weird right? Either way I’m using a small fan for air circulation and a 100w Led. It’s a small

tent so not a lot of air to move around. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

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Really want 70s and 40% rh. I mean for winter and all. I use a Honeywell warm mist humidifier and it’s in the harsh cold of my garage. Keeps it right around 35-45% with a space heater keeping it 70-75 f I also have a small cut gallon jug with a shop towels hanging over the side beneath a fan and that helps too. It’s up to you to get it at the sweet spot. :v:t3:
Also I have to fill it every 12 hours so it’s a commitment for sure.

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I mean you do want to have optimal conditions , but your plants are going good and no issues , just get a humidifier next grow…

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