Huge Gelato Autoflower, Won't Flower

Hello All,

I started a Gelato Autoflower along with a Banana Kush Autoflower at the exact same time on May 8th. Everything has gone fairly well. My Banana Kush Auto is ready to be chopped down any day now but the gelato autoflower is still in veg and it’s getting HUGE. Too big for the tent and it hasn’t shown any sign that it is beginning to flower. It’s in a 3 gallon fabric pot I’d hate to come this far and lose the plant but the only other option I have is to put it outside. Help!


Welcome @Bill_Bixby .
Wow! there seems to be an epidemic of “autos” that don’t flower as expected.
Pictures would help a lot but my advice is the same to everyone with this issue: cut the lights back to 12/12 to force the flower stage.


Agree with @HMGRWN, and also on the pic. If she really hasn’t started flower you also want to take an opportunity to do any needed training / trimming before flipping the lights.

Better to get that done in the veg stage if there’s work to be done to ensure she doesn’t outgrow your space.


That’s the thing. I have other smaller plants in the same tent so I can’t really adjust the light cycle. I tried removing it and placing it an another dark place for 12 hours a day but I still see no indication that it’s beginning to flower the only thing that it seems to have accomplished is killing some of the leaves.

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Are they autos? If so then it won’t hurt them to be at 12/12 light cycle.

It takes 7-14 days for the “flip” to be noticeable.


I wouldn’t suggest flipping it right now if it’s your only space. If you do it’s going to stretch 25-50% and then your in lots of trouble.

Instead I woudl suggest hacking it so it’s just below half of the height of your tent. Let it grow for a couple more days and heal then flip it.

But since you have other plants in the tent you either have to decide to flip it and make the other plants suffer a short veg time or you can hack more of the plant off and let them. Catch up then flip it.
Are the others autos?

It takes 2 weeks of 12/12 before the flop is noticed.

However with autos that don’t flip I strongly recommend 2 full days of darkness then 12/12.


This is the way… :point_up:

Excellent point @Nicky. That would probably be best advice.

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Here are the pics

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Please do not upload pictures with grow lights on we can’t see anything. Lights off flash on is ideal.

Always look at your plants with your grow lights off and a flashlight or you will never see deficiencies under burple or red lights.

Okay so the one won’t flower on the left but the one on the right is flowering?

Well I would chop at the redines.

Are these soil or coco plants? Soil. I assume.

So wait until from whee you hack it 2 shoots come out and rise above, then put that plant into darkness for 48hr.

You really should have another light for those plants. That one light is to weak but know that going forward, also don’t buy any light without talking to people on here. I suggest Kingbright.
If you can’t figure out how to work Alibaba then spider farmer is your next best option but kingbrite blow them out of the water.

with the grow lights off


Correct using soil. Thanks for the advise!

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Those are much better pictures

Something like this yea, it’s going to take a week for your plant to recover from. The chop because your in soil

Are you reading tds run off? Or have you done a slurry sample?

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Much better view!
Personally I would supercrop after some serious defoliation and set lights to 12/12. Looks like the plant right rear is flowering already so no problem with that one. Can’t say the same for any that are hidden.


Never defoilate in veg silly goose, you want biomass to contribute to photosynthesis. Defoilate in week 3 of flower.

Unless your talking about his other ones in flower then yes totally lollipop and defoilate.


I’m not reading runoffs, I have a ph meter but my tap water is pretty much perfect and I do not overuse nutrients.

Do you have a tds meter?

Also, which model for the light? My tent is 6 feet tall, 3x3.

I do not.

Can you define perfect Tap water?