Huge fan/shade leaves

I have always trimmed (most) fan/shade leaves off my outside plants, but I now have leaves (sixth week)
on my indoor plants (2 White WidowXBig Bud in a 5 gal hydro 30" square grow tent…Using 100 3 watt LEDs) with as many as 15 fingers and way larger than my hand. Seems a lot of my lighting is being blocked, besides pushing out the sides of my tent.

My opinion id add another led with half the wattage in the middle of the tents side wall so the light shines evenly

Thanks! However, my light is covering 100% of the grow tent side to side, front to back just about equally, but nothing much shines below in the middle ranges of the grow…I WILL take a good look at your suggestion, tho’.

Ok yea id just add another light half the wattage about mid level of tent so the light is evenly distributed, and 15 fingers that sounds beautiful my friend I’ve got them as high as 13

Thanks again…I’m SO jazzed 'bout the leaf size. Hardly wait to see the BUDS!!

Yea no kidding, I wanna see lol

Soon’s I figure out how to do it!

Sounds good buddy best of luck to ya, is it possible to Velcro it up in there

Fold them gently out of the way

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