Huge Fan Leaves!?

Here we go with the second grow: Indoor, FFOF, 1. 800w & 1 450w LED, two ILGM Super Silver Haze in smart pots. I’m 27 days in to the grow now and have a question related to what I believe are the biggest fan leaves I’ve ever seen in my grows or any others from friends. Also, I have a SSH getting ready to finish and it looked NOTHING like the two I’m talking about in the attached photos.
So, I know this is not a bad thing but rather am VERY curious about why they look so much different given they have been through the exact same grow steps as the other one. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. Cheers!


@Urbandweller different phenotypes, different genes, even under the same growing conditions you end up with different “personalities” of plants. She’s looking beautiful and healthy though nice job!


Thanks, @Covertgrower , really hoping that she fills out in flower to match those leaves. :+1:

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You’re welcome! I hope so to for your sake! Just remember to tuck those huge leaves away from bud sites when you go to flower, don’t chop them off. You’ll remove the energy producers from production! Happy growing!