Huge fan leaves blocking light? 1st grow ever

  • What strain, Unknown
  • Method: Soil, FFHF(happy frog)
  • Vessels: 1 gal fabric pots
  • PH of Water, 6.5 with 2tsp FF Big Grow 1tsp FF Tiger Bloom and 6.1 PH runoff
  • PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient N/A
  • Indoor- 32"x32"x63" tent
  • Light system, giixer 1000w led w/ bloom and veg switch on
  • Temps; Day, 74 Night 68-70F
  • Humidity; Day 40% Night 32-38%
  • Ventilation system; Yes,Size-Vivosun 4" 203cfm w/ carbon filter exhaust set to blow out of bedroom where tent is and 4" duct at tent intake in S shape for 100% darkness tested by standing inside tent lights off 10 min.
  • Humidifier not inside tent
    Heater inside tent set to 73F
    8" non oscillating fan hung at filter level to blow heat to exhaust. 6" non oscillating fan blowing air between canopy and light.
  • Co2; No
  • Vegged 5 weeks on 18/6 6th week changed to 12/12 both veg and bloom switch on.
  • Michigan winter with apartment temps running 72-74F.
    QUESTION? I feel as though this plant was stunted due to first 3 weeks was grown in closet before I bought my complete tent grow setup. Then placed in tent after completed setup but showed good growth afterwards and 4 main fan leaves grew so big that Im afraid it’s blocking light keeping beautiful. undergrowth from flourishing. Would it hurt or benefit taking off these 4 huge fan leaves???
    Thank you for being here for us noobs and thank you all for your help. Looking forward to first successful grow.

Better at this point to tuck and train as the plant is producing sugars with those leaves to promote upward growth.

Here is a training technique you can adopt for photoperiod plants and if auto flowering use LST:


Thank you very much. I did top her already can I also fim after topping?

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FIM’ing is a type of topping technique that will produce 4 colas instead of two with a normal topping. If you are doing autos the training techniques should be minor like using LST (Low Stress Training). The biggest thing you can do is to ‘supercrop’ which is a technique that opens up the middle of the plant to more light and spreads the plant; this makes nodes available for branch growth. I would suggest a Youtube video before you actually supercrop.

Even with YouTube video I would not be comfortable with supercrop but I will def try the Fim’ing. Thank you.

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Ok so I got over the fear of f***ing up my girl and read the suggested link you left me and went to work at grooming her. After tucking the leaves I was able to actually see where the colas were going to come out and I believe there were 4. I then found the centers of each and found the new growth that is to be fim’ed and pinched them off each one. How she look now?


You’ve got a gorgeous plant. As she gains height you will be able to selectively remove a few leaves that are in contact with your soil and then again once in flower.

On Supercropping try this on ONE branch: about 1 inch away from the main stem, pinch the selected branch from the top/bottom then again from the side at the same spot. This will soften the stem at that point and allow it to ‘droop’ out toward the edge of the container. Within 24 hours it will have recovered and it will form a knuckle at the site of injury. It actually increases nutrient flow to that branch; aiding in flower production.


Looks like a beauty. Still in a 1 gal pot? If so. I’d consider potting up after she recovers from the fim.

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Hey Thanks for the compliment Myfriend, I will think over the SC’ing in the meantime I want her to recover first lol you been great with advise and I dared and learned something new today​:smiley::+1:

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Yea Konflict, I do have two 5 gal fabric pots on hand wasnt sure if I was going to pot up but after the fim I started thinking I should. Thnx for confirming that idea I def think your right however do I have enough room in my tent 32x32x63 for running two 1 gal pots @ 12/12 from seed to harvest while raising this girl I fim’ed in the 5 gal? That was my plan and idea what do u think?

Almost a 3x3. Seen 3 in 5 gal in a 3x3. so I think that would work but are you going to be able to finish it in 1 gal without running into potential crop ruining problems? Just feel like she will become root bound and that can cause devastating consequences when you have devoted so much time. Autos or photos?

Konflict I really dont know the strain its bagseed given to me. I dont think they are Autos I’m thinking more like Photos. So if I run three 5gal pots the potential for disaster will be more limited?? I suppose I could add a net for more control maybe? As for root bound is that not the purpose of fabric pots? so when the roots reach the edges of pots and poke through the sides the roots gets air pruned? Or is that something I dont want to happen?? Sorry took long to respond made me wait 9 hrs? Lol

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Yeah I wouldn’t wait til its root bound to start fixing. Too many problems can come from being root bound. Give her some room to stretch her legs and she will reward you. I don’t think its impossible bc I’ve seen people claim they went from seed to harvest in a red solo cup. If they are photos then you can up pot when the time comes without much fuss.

Lol yea Konflict, I have seen the red solo cup grow as well just amazing. Ok when the lady recovers from fim I will up pot. I will put the 2 taller plants in 5 gal pots and seedling can stay in 1 gal pot. Thnx again for the help and the best to all your grows as well. Will Keep in touch

So I potted up to two 5gal pots and kept one in a 1gal. I bought some stuff to put together a random mix of my own using FFHF soil, 1/3 Coco coir, 1/3 Earthworm Castings and 1/3 or more perlite. And lights are out.

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So here is where my grow is since the last time I posted. Lot has changed. I also added a couple new grows since I had room. I am also going to grow seed to harvest in a solo cup just to see If I can because? Ilovegrowingmarijuana!!!