Hubby wants to make magic brownies


Ive made magic brownies with regular cannibis & you need alot. My birthdays coming up & hubby wants to make brownies, But he is wanting me to put an ounce in a small batch. Ive tried to tell him its overkill that for medicinal you use an oz for a pound of butter, so if you want that brownie stone maybe a half oz max for small box. Can anyone send me some backup info so i dont stay “dazed & confused”?


goes to portion size i would guess…lol
for a small batch i think anything over a half oz would be overwhelming.
i like a little my mmj brownies…lol


Me too. Think he wants to crawl around on the floor. Lol


@Laurap dont think he would be crawling…:rofl: more like rolling and collapsed. :radioactive:


@Laurap, why not make brownies to the normal recipe and provide frosting made with double strength butter or adulterated with decarb’ed kief or something that he can go hog wild with?


Great idea, thanks! Somebody has to get him off the floor, lol


I’ve found that infusing into coconut oil is the best for brownies,
I use ± 30grams decarb cannabis to 500grams coconut oil and run it for 2 hours strain as hot as possible and then leave it over night to cool and it ready for use :drooling_face: