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What’s the question

None til the first 2 feeder leaves began to yellow, then start to introduce nutes at quarter to half strength

I’m just introducing myself to the general proper nuts and made a comparison of some feeding charts with nuts composition understanding. My base nuts are rather common - GHE Flora series + I wanna use Cal-Mag.

Maybe you find this usefull (pdf link / xls link):
GHE Flora feeding schedule.png1830x650 88.7 KB

I have a good problem, what to do when plants are getting too close to light. I already pulled the tops down and tied them. They just grew 6 inches over and are turning up again. Now the first set of branches are almost touching the light.

@Tbone-57 what kind of light do you have

It’s an Ipower 400w electronic ballast light with 150, 250, 400 and super lumen switch, has 400w MH and 400w HPS bulb and rachet cord hangers for $119.00 on Amazon.

Ipower 400w MH/ HPS. $119.00 on Amazon

@Tbone-57 how tall bbn is your tent. Mine is only I think 63 inches. You just have to keep tying them down. You got pictures. Here’s my setup. Its way over powered. It’s got a 315w cmh and two roleadro 130 true watt cobs in a 20"x36 tent. This is just a clone of this year’s harvest

I don’t have a tent, it’s in a closet and the ceiling just over 6ft, i just added another 400w light. They don’t look bushy enough to go to bud. I don’t know, this is my first grow that survived.

Hey man, it looks like tieing the tops down don’t work. The next branches are touching the light. I tied them away from reflector but it looks like the only solution is a taller grow area. From what i been reading it depends on the type of plant you grow.

Better start super crop them cause they’re gonna double in size once flower begins

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I’ve grown 8ft sativa 2 ft tall just spread out. I didn’t let it get taller than 2ft in 7 gallon pot

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