My most very favorite picture! BTY and Chuckies Goo 1 2. My total harvest from 6 plants the big jars are 1/2 gal., next size 40 oz then 20 oz, trim in plastic containers and my little bottle of kief. 3. The big gun:):):slight_smile: BTY


Wonderful, yahooooooooo :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:
The good times !!!


Thank you! However Mother Nature should get most of the credit! I just kept the Karma flowing smoothly


Wicked what strain is that?


Woohoo @highcountrygal
Welcome to the forum
What strain was that looks really nice :+1:


WOW ! :+1::sunglasses: looks like my neck of the woods (palm :deciduous_tree:)


Good mornin’ and high, Caosred! The big cola is BTY (better than yours) and the top 2 are BTY and Chuckies Goo and Space Terror 1.


Mornin’ to you Kcdaniels! East Co. San Diego! YUK palm trees:)


High Countryboyjvd1971!! Thank you for the welcome! I am a happy toker now. The cola is BTY (better than yours) it grew to a tad over 7 ft. I never saw the top until I harvested. The top pic is BTY on the left, Chuckies Goo and Space Terror 1.


Nice harvest! Lovely plants :green_heart: :seedling:


Thank you so much! I had so much fun and everyday learned something new, believe it or not each one had a different (I want to say) personality. I am still in shock, a tad over a pound!


I’m a Florida boy…:sunglasses: never cared for palm trees either…:wink:


I never minded the palm trees :palm_tree:. It’s the darn palmetto bugs that drop out of them :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


lol! We don’t have palmetto bugs, thank you! Cali palm trees drop these tiny irritating seeds that sprout every where and are a pain in the pocket when needing trimmed.


Palmetto big is just a nicer word for roach :scream:

@SmoknGranny @highcountrygal


Oh! Okay I’ve heard of them but have never seen one.


Yep. Darn flying cock a roaches and big ones. Friend got stoned one night and painted one with glow in the dark paint then let it loose. We saw it more often than one would think but I think it liked getting stoned with us :rofl:.


How funny! I am still laughing! I had a bug this past summer that I swear he could see me coming and go around the stem so I couldn’t ‘see’ him. This went on all summer. Never did any damage to the plant so I spared his little life!