HTG ordering WARNING!

I have sad news to bestow upon my fellow ILGM Growers.

In February I placed 3 orders to HTG supply, both from their Amazon store AND the
website directly. One order was placed on Feb 17th, another on Feb 24th and again
on Feb 27th under the premise that HTG website ships via FedEx. Not one order has yet
to arrive.

Seems as though no matter what the HTG website states, they are NOT using FedEx.
All orders via HTG via amazon or the web are being shipped via USPS with a significant
delay in delivery.

If you are in need of an item in short order, thinking about making a purchase for something
immediate or needed in the very near future, PLEASE call them first to demand they ship
by any other method OTHER than USPS. The USPS is currently operating under the china
virus policies they established prior to the Christmas season.

Sadly I understand that quite a few items are exclusive to HTG and you’d be hard pressed to
locate and purchase them elsewhere. This isn’t an attempt to slight or talk smack about
HTG in any capacity. This is just fair warning and a cautionary post to forewarn anyone
hoping to take delivery of an ordered item in a timely manor, it’s not gonna happen.
Funny thing too, I live in the same damn state their main headquarters and warehouse is
located. It would have been faster to walk there and back than to wait for delivery.

This concludes my public service announcement.
Have a good week all.

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Weird, around here Amazon trucks are about 5 times as prevalent as USPS, ups, and FedEx combined. Why wouldn’t hlg leverage the delivery service of the platform they are using for sales.

I picked up all the company checks from po boxes at the post office last year through the March-June shutdown last year and I can tell you definitely, that the post office is running much less efficiently and effectively than it was last year when we didn’t know how to handle the pandemic. It’s really a disgrace and I don’t know why any company that is concerned about its reputation is still using USPS.

I bought a vaporizer from some place in CA 3 weeks ago. Supposedly shipped via USPS but it’s supposed to take 3 days for mail to go from CA to Chicago. Not 3 weeks.

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That makes me very fortunate I live 30 minutes from a HTG and am happy with their service. Last week I got 10l hydroton, two bags of 2 ft.³ of happy frog two bags of 1 1/2 ft.³ of ocean forest one bag of rice holes and a 4 pot autopot xl system for $301.00 out the door. And added bonus the kid forgot the charge me for the $50.00 worth of Detroit nutrient soil. Honestly I would have paid for it it I wasn’t as hi as him!