HPS vs LED. Been offered Kind LED lights to lower my bill

I would like some advice on if LEDs are worth switching.

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Not sure whats up here with heading and support ticket
but I would get the kind lights if you can afford them they are supposed to be top shelf lights to my knowledge bro :+1::sunglasses::v:


I’m not sure why it says support ticket.

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No worries lol
You offered them at a discount or full price ?

Free through an energy program for medical patients.


Then grab that shit lol
I believe it has a setting where you can program sunrise and sunset
Awesome :clap:


I have been using the Kind 600 Watt LED; since 2014. max output is 370kw if I am remembering correctly. I am a intermediate novice to growing and the more lumens and par etc. I have also used just CFL and T5 lights for simply veg and this works; light spectrum of Kind are great. I did have an issue with my light as one entire circle of lights went out during my very first grow. Bummer Man! Still going strong. I am upgrading to possibly the king lights 1200 LED. Just saying nugs, or bigger nugs. lights on lights off. lol

i read somewhere that hps lighting is better suited in flower mode, beacuse of the redlight hps lights give off, versus full spectrum leds

I’m in the middle of my first grow with a 600w kind led and I have no complaints .

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Yeah you need to hop on that ASAP you will not be disappointed I would give you everything I have for that light if that tells you anything and I love my lights

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