Hps lights coverage in 1.9m3 tent


i have a 1.9m3 tent that i use LED to veg then switch to 1kw hps in flower, i have 8 plants layed out on the diagonal(hypotonuse) running on a light rail, but am constricting them to as close to the width of the batwing refector(SOG) but there is alot of crowding, is it better to just let them grow freely and unrestricted without forced trussing, will the 1kw moving hps at appropriate hieght provide sufficient coverage(how much area outside the reflector does the hps cover before critical loss of light intensity)


depends on how high the light is really. with hps the rule of thumb is 50 watts per square foot… you have about 36 square feet?.. the 1000 watt hps maxes out around 20 square feet for best effectiveness. If you are not running multiple grow tents I would recommend you use those LED’s that you have as side lighting to strengthen the light around your edges.


yeah ok i understand, but i have 2 ‘‘dead areas’’ each side on opposing corners that have extraction filters & fans etc either side that the plants arent growing into. The layout of plants is directly beneath line of light rail movement of light but just extending outside(by maybe 2-300mm outside of reflector hood) on the diagonal


the maximum effective coverage of a 1000w hps is 5’x5’ the optimum is 4’x4’ your area is 6x6 so your light should be sufficient with minimal movement you may not get the densest buds but you will get decent enough