HPS Lighting question


would that be suficient for a closet grow of 2 compact plants? i was looking for an all in one kit that i can use for a long time


I would go with led 400w less heat less electric bill. And i think denser buds with led. Save yourself a world of problems go led. Its cheaper then what your looking at get two mars hydro led 300w. Please take this very good advice. And good luck on your grow.


It would be ideal but as the poster above said you’re going to have some heat issues if you’ve planned for that then by all means

Apollo is a great company they sent something wrong and not only did they make it right but they said keep what we already sent ! …great company


This is very true. I am using a 400W HPS lamp for one plant and the temperature can rise up to 94F if there is not proper air circulation. I have to move my plant to a bigger area with AC and extractor hood and still sometimes reaches 88F. Regarding electric bill would be approx $15-20 dollars more, depending on how much you are charged per KW/h.

Happy growing!


thanks for the replies guys, i really do appreciate it, as i dont know any local growers… ok so the closet im going to use is in the hallway, no a/c vents or anything. Would a floor standing fan be enough to dissipate the heat?

ok about the mars hydro lights… would these be ideal for two compact plants if i do go the led route?


Given the description of your area I would go with led that the poster up above mentioned

I use hid so I don’t know much about it but they seem great, I’m thinking of using them next Summer because of heat issues for grow area

  • good luck


Definitely want to go led in a hall closet that will fry your plant if you don’t have a way to vent air out and back in .


ok , so ive narrowed it down to these two…https://www.amazon.com/VIPARSPECTRA-Reflector-Spectrum-Indoor-Plants/dp/B01B4GQ6MO/ref=sr_1_1?s=lawn-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1476832021&sr=1-1&keywords=viparspectra

i have 2 reggie seeds that are in the seedling stage, one has really started to grow. this is just a test before i go indoors and buy the equipment for an indoor grow, and then buy some exotic seeds. would one 300w grow light be sufficient for 2 plants?


I used this same light size in a 2 door wardrobe for years worked great and all I needed was 2 pc fans for venting
I ended up with a sonti agro globe it had more blue then a normal HPS so I could use the same globe veg to harvest


No need at a minimum 4 inch centrifical exhaust fan and a intake of same size i had a 400 watt setup my temps ranged from 80 to 86 go LED its worth it get a Mars hydro 600 or two 300’s ive got two Mars hydro 600’s in a 2x6x6 tent great buds


Two Mars Hydro 600


I have been told great things about these for fuller thinker nicer flower it pays for it’s self in quality

don’t get me wrong the cheap ones work but I think it’s worth the money in the long run all there brands are good check out there 300


the cheap ones work though


this is what a 1000 watt king plus and a couple of cfl lights are doing for me and it is considered a cheap knock off light by most but it is what my budget and the limited knowledge I had at the time allowed . When it goes out I will be upgrading to the twin pack of mars 600 watt for $ 310.00 on Amazon but for a trial run or a budget grow this has treated me pretty good so far


I should get all my lights in one room for a this is what I use pic lol
I would be able to watch the meter spin


Thanks for the replies… You all have some really nice setups… So its OK to mix different types of light?


Yes if you can get each light at the right distance


How about starting till flower LED then HPS flower been thinking hard on it


That would work but let the plant get used to the HPS or they will burn when you swap them over they will need to be hardened off
After swapping over to DIY LED I cant see HPS as being better anymore myself


Yeah just rolling that thought over in my head thank as awlays :smile: