Hps light bulbs

What is the difference in light bulbs? I currently run 1000 watt hps,bulb cost me 25 bucks each,I see some for a 100 bucks, what’s the difference? Bigger badder yields? More flowers? Who may know?

Probably wattage is the difference.

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Isn’t a 1000 watts a 1000 watts?

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Basically. According to Migrow, as long as your bulb is horticultural, you’re wasting money on more expensive ones.

I have been running Apollo, seem to be fine,just wondering if I’m missing the boat on something

The differences amongst various manufacturers bulbs are:
Lifespan/rate of decay in light quality.
Actual PAR ratings(how much light is getting to your plant), which can potentially affect your yield.
Compatibility with digital ballasts(hopefully this has become a problem of the past by now).
The light spectrum produced, which can potentially affect your yield.

That said, there is a lot of conjecture and personal opinions in the lighting world. If you do a bit of searching, you can find some actual tests of light spectrum and PAR for some of the bulbs out there. In the long run, I would say - if you are happy with the results from the $25 bulb then just stick with it.

I used 1 $97 bulb and a $27 and no difference. In yields no difference. I like to veg with Qb and then i move to a MH for main veg and then it goes under a far red spec v2 board light. I run 2 of them together as 1 light in a 4x4.

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Awesome info,thank you folks