HPS and fluorescent lights advice?

Hey everyone, so I recently purchased 3 Jack Herer (fem) seeds and well this will be my first grow ever. I have two 26w fluorescent lamps that seem to be perfect for the whole germination stage. And since I only have two, I just decided to save the third seed for a later grow. Any who here is my confusion… Are the two 26w fluorescent lamps appropriate to have one lamp for each plant? And then when the plants are mature enough for a higher powered HPS lamp… I found a 150w HPS lamp that comes with a ballast and everything for like $60… Would that single HPS lamp be adequate to keep both of my plants alive? Advice would be much appreciated… Thanks

Link to the 150w HPS lamp: Sun System 900490 - 150W - HPS Grow Light Kit with Lamp | 1000Bulbs.com

I don’t know anything about CFLs but 150 watts they will stay alive but get yourself at least a 400 and they will thrive!

…and I would go for 600 because you got 250, 400 & 600w adjustability


I’ve got a 400 watt HPS digital ballast wing hood and this is where im at with grow tent

tent is 3x3


Is that one plant??

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Also… when exactly would I switch over from the CFLs to the HPS lamp?

Yes one plant and she fills out 9square feet

So 6x6 tent for two plants… Or is a tent even that important

Okay im a rookie but I had my girl under 12 24 watt cfl for all of veg but only because I was building and buying tent light and fans so in total she was under cfl light 6 weeks then right into 12/12 under 400 watt HPS now space is my question to you how big can your plants get remembered that first two weeks of flower they stretch to almost double there height my girl grew over a inch a day for two Weeks so small grow space flip her asap or there will be trouble trust me

That is great size for two non auto flower plants long veg two months then two weeks of stretch 6-8 weeks full flower you will be so happy could be longer flower or even less

I used scrog net she was even with net before 12/12 flip to flower two weeks later hello she’s a monster

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I see, well since I only have two cfls should I just keep the CFLs on them for the first week of germination and then switch over to the 400w HPS for the remainder of vegetation and flowering? Or should I do what you did?

My tent is small as you can see. 2 ladies and 400 watt- MH for veg; HPS for flower. Hope this helps
By the way the folks here are great, you can just read and learn, however this company is as good as it gets for seed…


Okay I’d wait at least four or five nodes show and if you can run metal halide bulb for veg and HPS for flower I didn’t get to use my MH bulb because she was ready to flower by the time I had everything ready you can use HPS all the way say 18-21 hour on for veg then 12/12 flower but warning about HPS plant will get lanky stretch real tall then in flower double again first two weeks

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Great looking plant how old are they

Thanks, I planted the seeds on Feb 28 and went to 12/12 on Apr 3rd when they were 10" tall. My tent is only 5’5" high so I have to worry about the stretch at initial flower.
Both are Strawberry Kush from ILGM.

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Should be okay the big stretch last a few weeks then slows down then kind of stops upward growth all energy focused on production of them prized buds how tall is she now? My girl shot up 14 inches in two weeks haven’t noticed any big gains in a week other then big bud growth lol happy days in six weeks I figure

they both doubled in height so I am hoping the upward is done and the bud building starts, if all goes right our happy days will coincide.

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This was this morning bunch of long spears
And over 20 mid size smalls can’t even count to dense canopy

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Had to raise scrog net twice and still she was even three weeks ago with net now she’s Way over the top