HOWTO - Disguising vents in a window - with pictures


Hi guys,

When i constructed my grow room i made some pictures of the proceedings. The next pictures show how i installed my 1500m2

air inlet to my window. It’s always a challenge because no light can escape or enter the grow room, no vents can be shown but you have to open the window. In this case I used insect screens for both disguise and to make sure no unwanted elements are sucked into my grow room.

  1. This is the window

  1. Open the window a few inches and fasten it to the window frame with some screws

  1. Saw a piece of hardboard the same size as the window frame and connect the flange

  1. Paint the board black and attach the insect screen with a tacker (folded twice)

  1. Once the hose is connected to the flange and no light shines through, you can’t see the hole. I put a garbage bag behind the hole on this picture

  1. Screw the board onto the frame

  1. Mount it to your fan

  1. And no light will shine through the window and you can suck fresh air into your grow room without anybody seeing anything. I put some double sided stickers on the window to make ik look like a child’s room. You can also put some window film on your window. Or put a lamp on a timer between the window and the board. This is just one way of doing it and all windows are different. Has anybody else got some tips?