Hows this AH at 8 weeks looking

How does this girl look for 8 weeks…Is it small should it be more in flower? Please help Its not growing like it was.

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When flowering starts growth slows down to concentrate on buds. At 8 weeks she’s looking good.


I see some deficiencies but over all she looks good. I’m not expert on problems because I don’t deal with them. They tend to slow down as she is concentrating on developing bud sites. :+1:


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As others have said itll focus on bud growth now, judging by the main top cola, it looks like its suffering from a little heat stress the way those leaves are curling on the edge - might be a bit close to the light source. I think adding a normal fan blowing on the top of the canopy would help, or trying to even out the top of your canopy with lollypoping.

What strain is it?
Goodluck .

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AH auto…yeah the light was a little close. It could only go up 3 more inches. So I put a fan on the canopy. Thats all I got…lol