Hows my setup-should i change anything?

should i change anything with this at all, not running carbon filter atm because im not worried about smell

i sectioned a bit of my tent off with that foil backed foam board to make more use of my lights since im only at about 250 actual watts- will be upgrading that soon along with my exhaust fan(4in vivosun rn but just ordered 6in ac infinity)


Very nice! Good call with the reflective board. Everything looks nice and clean and plants look healthy! Good luck and happy growing!!!


@goldiemouth270 you certainly got some good air flow in there, other than a light upgrade what were you thinking?


only things i see is the lighting and could use the bigger exhaust fan- plus i like the idea of the wifi controller bc im away from home a lot

@goldiemouth270 yeah I can see that. I wonder what my day highs are in the tent, it’d be cool to have something paired up with my phone that I could remotely monitor and adjust.

2 weeks ago i had to have the heat on in my house to keep the tent warm, the past few days the a/c been full blast just to keep itat 77-79f, yesterday had a dehuey running all day-this morning its the humidifier lol …this dang Midwest weather


@goldiemouth270 Spring is certainly very unpredictable here in Maryland as well. The joke is if you don’t like the weather don’t worry cuz it’ll completely change by tomorrow.

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You have that right. WNY is baddd. Snow, rain, 75⁰ all in 4 days

Snow??? damn

@beachglass y’all Bills Mafia out there? Is that apple country?

AC Infinity CLOUDLINE system provides remote tent monitoring.
T6 fan replaces Vivosun 6" noise maker.
As sold, ACI-Cloudline System lacks temp/RH measuring standards and requires calibration using not clearly defined procedures. Stil, far out improvement available.
Remotes adjusting allows fine tuning for system optimization at all times.
Lights are my next hurdle.

Yuppers. Go Bills! Apples and GRAPES. LOTS OF WINERIES within 20 miles.

@beachglass Sounds like a place my wife would love to visit minus the crazy fan mania lol!

Crazy fans are only truly crazy on game days, and some weekdays and maybe wing nites and oh yeah, day before games and sometimes the after party at the airport. :crazy_face: :grin: :face_with_spiral_eyes:

@beachglass Love it!! She’s dealt with my crazy fandom for 30 yrs so we’re both used to hometown love. Y’all’s parking lot festivities on game day are EPIC and a thing of legend lol. Jumping off rv’s onto folding tables like wild azz WWE Stars!! Josh Allen is SPECIAL. Good luck with both your SEASONS :seedling: and :football:

Good luck to you. too! Happy grow. Happy Harvest :blush:

I love the partying in the lots. By the time game comes, you are high and bloated. oh my my. But, it’s swell.

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